Scale-up of Prevention and Management of Alcohol Use Disorders and Comorbid Depression in Latin America (SCALA)

Published on by Jakob Manthey
The SCALA study will test the hypothesis that the scale-up of implementing a tailored intervention package embedded in a wider strategy of community and municipal support in Latin American cities, will increase screening and advice rates more than the usual practice, carried out by health care providers alone. SCALA will use a quasi-experimental study to compare PHC-based prevention and management of heavy drinking and co-morbid depression in three intervention districts (municipal areas) within three Latin American cities, with service as usual or training unsupported by community or municipal action in three comparator districts in the same cities. More information can be found on *** Publication list [updated 20 July 2021] *** #### 2021 #### Manthey, J., Solovei, A., Anderson, P., Carr, S., & Rehm, J. (2021) Can alcohol consumption in Germany be reduced by alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in primary health care? Results of a simulation study. medRxiv. doi:10.1101/2021.05.18.21257405 Kokole, D., Jané-Llopis, E., Mercken, L., Piazza, M., Bustamante, I., Natera Rey, G., . . . Anderson, P. (2021). Factors associated with primary health care providers’ alcohol screening behavior in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Substance Abuse, 1-9. doi:10.1080/08897077.2021.1903658 Anderson, P., Manthey, J., Llopis, E. J., Rey, G. N., Bustamante, I. V., Piazza, M., ... & Rehm, J. (2021) Impact of Training and Municipal Support on Primary Health Care–Based Measurement of Alcohol Consumption in Three Latin American Countries: 5-Month Outcome Results of the Quasi-experimental Randomized SCALA Trial. Journal of general internal medicine, 1-9. Kokole, D., Mercken, L., Jané-Llopis, E., Rey, G. N., Arroyo, M., Medina, P., ... & de Vries, H. (2021) Perceived appropriateness of alcohol screening and brief advice programmes in Colombia, Mexico and Peru and barriers to their implementation in primary health care–a cross-sectional survey. Primary Health Care Research & Development, 22.E4. doi:10.1017/S1463423620000675 #### 2020 and earlier #### Jané-Llopis E, Anderson P, Piazza M, et al. (2020) Implementing primary healthcare-based measurement, advice and treatment for heavy drinking and comorbid depression at the municipal level in three Latin American countries: final protocol for a quasiexperimental study (SCALA study) BMJ Open 2020;10:e038226. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-038226 Anderson, P., O'Donnell, A., Kaner, E., Gual, A., Schulte, B., Gómez, A. P., ... & Rehm, J. (2017) Scaling-up primary health care-based prevention and management of heavy drinking at the municipal level in middle-income countries in Latin America: Background and protocol for a three-country quasi-experimental study.F1000Research, 6.

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