Open Access Mystery

Published on by Katrine Sundsbø

This project was created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of bringing colleagues, friends and strangers together in an online role-playing mystery game in a time where a lot of conferences and networking opportunities were postponed or cancelled. This game is designed to be played virtually via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or any other online platform. The Open Access Mystery follows eight very different characters who meet at a conference. During the conference disaster will strike, and it’s up to the players to figure out who’s behind what turns out to be a global lockdown of all research. Will it be the Professor who relies on the h-index? The early career researcher with imposter syndrome? The problem solver who works in publishing? Or perhaps it’s the paranoid researcher who thinks you’ve stolen her ideas? Pay attention, not all is as it seems… The materials shared will provide you with everything you need to set up your own Open Access Mystery, including character packs and an information pack for the host. If you want to tweak any of the material and would prefer a word document version, please get in touch and I will send them to you. All material created by Katrine Sundsbø. All illustrations are created by Scott Willetts (

This project is CC BY Katrine Sundsbø

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