Mixa et al., 2019 (JGR-Atmospheres) Figure Data and Plotting Scripts

Published on (GMT) by Tyler Mixa
This repository contains the data files and plotting code used to generate the figures in the corresponding Journal of Geophysical Review (JGR): Atmospheres article,"Numerical Simulations of High Frequency Gravity Wave Propagation through Fine Structures in the Mesosphere," in accordance with the AGU public data policy. All scripts are run on the latest version of Matlab reading in the corresponding .mat files. Each plotting routine employs the subplot_tight function, which is available to registered Matlab users at the following link: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/30884-controllable-tight-subplot. The data can also be plotted using the standard subplot function by removing all "spacing" arguments, i.e. subplot_tight(1,2,2,spacing) -> subplot(1,2,2) . Additional information can be obtained from the author.
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