The Katrina Sa'ade Project

Published on by Freja Howat-Maxted
The Katrina Sa'ade Project is part of the Planet Bethlehem Digital Archive. The project documents the life of Katrina Sa'ade (1900-1989). Katrina was born in Bethlehem but went on to live in various locations around the world, including: Kiev (Russian Empire), Saltillo (Mexico), Long Beach (US), Hermosillo (Mexico), and Ramallah (Palestine). ____________________________________________________________________ The project was donated to the Planet Bethlehem Archive by Katrina's granddaughter, Kathy Sa'ade Kenny. It consists of a mixture of photographs, recorded interviews (audio) and letters. Many of the materials relate to the turbulent period Katrina spent in Palestine during 1933-34 where she became involved in a bitter dispute with her husband's family. _____________________________________________________________________ The project is divided into 11 collections (click on the links below to explore each collection): . ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Afana family ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Farhat family ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Kathy Sa'ade Kenny research ______________________________________________________________________ 4. Kabande family ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Katrina and her children ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Katrina portraits ______________________________________________________________________ 7. Old records ______________________________________________________________________ 8. Ramallah Farhat Basel house ______________________________________________________________________ 9. Sa'ade family _____________________________________________________________________ 10.Oral history _____________________________________________________________________ 11. Katrina Sa'ade letters

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