Federation University's Bush Medicine Project

Published on by Benjamin Long
The Bush Medicine Project is a cross-course multidisciplinary research project run through the School of Health and Life Science at Federation University. The project is aim is to discover new antimicrobial or anticancer compounds present in native Australian plants, as well as provide students a way to actively engage in world-class research and be exposed to indigenous Australian culture whilst obtaining the laboratory skills needed for their degree. The project is guided by indigenous Australian traditional medicine and is run in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education Centre. 2nd and 3rd year level science students at Federation University participate in the project within their prescribed courses. Raw data here is updated at twice a year at the end of each semester. Other items are updated as needed. Head to our website for more details: https://federation.edu.au/bush-medicine-project If you want to use this data it is licenced using a CC BY-NC-SA licence. We would love to know what you use it for so please get in contact (bm.long@federation.edu.au) and share your creations.

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