Two-Phase Flow Oxidation of Valeraldehyde with O<sub>2</sub> in a Microstructured Reactor

Published on 2018-02-09T23:06:04Z (GMT) by
Microstructured reactors are the ideal device for highly exothermic reactions. In this work, the highly exothermic two-phase reaction of valeraldehyde with oxygen to valeric acid was carried out in a microreactor. The used device from one-A Engineering Austria GmbH is designed for process development and intensification and can be applied in the scale-up process to small-scale commercial production. The atom economic oxidation of valeraldehyde is performed at 0 to 40 °C with a catalytic amount of manganese­(II) acetate. A continuous flow oxidation of aldehydes in such reactors can be a safe and beneficial alternative to commercial batch processes.

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Baumeister, Tobias; Kitzler, Hannes; Obermaier, Klemens; Zikeli, Stefan; Röder, Thorsten (2018): Two-Phase Flow Oxidation of Valeraldehyde with O2 in a

Microstructured Reactor. ACS Publications. Collection.