Supplementary information for Webster, J. and Amos, M., A Turing Test for Crowds.

Posted on 20.02.2020 - 11:43 by Martyn Amos
MATLAB scripts: All MATLAB scripts involved in the processing and analysis of the Edinburgh
dataset. All scripts involved in generating simulation input files, and statistically
analysing simulation outputs. ** WARNING ** This folder contains a full copy of the
original Edinburgh trajectory dataset, so it is a larger-than-usual download.

Renderer: All Java files, shell scripts and graphics involved in rendering the real and
simulated crowds.

Results: CSV files containing transcribed participant responses for Trials 1 and 2.

Simulator: The version of the Vadere platform used for simulations, including spatial model
and scenarios used.

Trajectory files: Trajectory datasets, both real (Edinburgh) and simulated.

Videos: All individual and combined video renders used in Trials 1 and 2.


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