Single-shot quantitative phase microscopy based on color-multiplexed Fourier ptychography

Published on 2018-07-10T13:36:50Z (GMT) by
We present a single-shot quantitative phase imaging (QPI) method based on color-multiplexed Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM). Three light-emitting diode (LED) elements with respective R/G/B channels in a programmable LED array illuminate the specimen simultaneously, providing tri-angle oblique illuminations matching the numerical aperture (NA) of the objective precisely. A single color image sensor records the light transmitted through the specimen, and three monochromatic intensity images at each color channel are then separated and utilized to recover the phase of the specimen. After one-step deconvolution based on the phase contrast transfer function, the obtained initial phase map is further refined by the FPM-based iterative recovery algorithm to overcome pixel-aliasing and improve the phase recovery accuracy. The high-speed, high-throughput QPI capabilities of the proposed approach are demonstrated by imaging Hela cells mitosis in vitro, achieving a half-pitch resolution of 388 nm across a wide FOV of 1.33 mm² at camera-limited frame rates (50 fps).

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Sun, Jiasong; Chen, Qian; Zhang, Jialin; Fan, Yao; Zuo, Chao (2018): Single-shot quantitative phase microscopy based on color-multiplexed Fourier ptychography. The Optical Society. Collection.