Proceedings of the Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE5.1)

Published on 2017-09-12T10:07:47Z (GMT) by Stephan Druskat
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 6 September 2017<br><br><b><u>Edited by</u><br><br>Neil Chue Hong<sup>1</sup>, Stephan Druskat<sup>2</sup>, Robert Haines<sup>3</sup>, Caroline Jay<sup>3</sup>, Daniel S. Katz<sup>4</sup>, Shoaib Sufi<sup>5</sup></b><br><br><sup>1</sup>Software Sustainability Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK<br><sup>2</sup>Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany<br><sup>3</sup>University of Manchester, UK<br><sup>4</sup>University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA<br><sup>5</sup>Software Sustainability Institute, University of Manchester, UK<br><br><u><b>Contents</b></u><br><br><u>Track 1: "The state of the art in sustainable research software"</u><br><br><i>Papers</i><br><br>- Carina Haupt and Tobias Schlauch: <br><i>The Software Engineering Community at DLR – How we got where we are.</i><br> <br>- Udit Nangia and Daniel S. Katz: <br><i>Surveying the U.S. National Postdoctoral Association Regarding Software Use and Training in Research.</i><br> <br>- Francisco Queiroz, Raniere Silva, Jonah Miller, Sandor Brockhauser and Hans Fangohr: <br><i>Good Usability Practices in Scientific Software Development.</i><br> <br><i>Lightning Talks</i><br><br> - Sarah Alhozaimy, Robert Haines and Caroline Jay: <br><i>Forking as a Tool for Software Sustainability—An Empirical Study.<br><br></i> - Robin Dasler: <br><i>CERN Analysis Preservation - Contextualising analyses through data and software preservation.<br><br></i> - Raniere Silva: <br><i>Research Software in Brazil.</i><br><br>- Alexander Struck: <br><i>How red tape and other obstacles are holding us back.</i><br><br>- Andrew Washbrook: <br><i>Continuous software quality analysis for the ATLAS experiment at CERN.</i><br><br><u>Track 2: "Towards a sustainable future for research software"</u><br><br><i>Papers</i><br><br> - Douglas Mulholland, Paulo Alencar and Don Cowan: <br><i>The Future of Metadata‐Oriented Testing of Research Software: Automated Generation of Test Regimes and Other Benefits.<br><br></i><i>Lightning Talks</i><br><br> - Stephan Druskat: <br><i>Should CITATION files be standardized?</i><br><br>- Jason Maassen, Niels Drost, Willem Robert van Hage and Rob van Nieuwpoort: <br><i>Software Development Best Practices at the Netherlands eScience Center.</i><br>

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