Observation of Exciton Redshift–Blueshift Crossover in Monolayer WS<sub>2</sub>

Published on 2017-06-16T18:24:50Z (GMT) by
We report a rare atom-like interaction between excitons in monolayer WS<sub>2</sub>, measured using ultrafast absorption spectroscopy. At increasing excitation density, the exciton resonance energy exhibits a pronounced redshift followed by an anomalous blueshift. Using both material-realistic computation and phenomenological modeling, we attribute this observation to plasma effects and an attraction–repulsion crossover of the exciton–exciton interaction that mimics the Lennard-Jones potential between atoms. Our experiment demonstrates a strong analogy between excitons and atoms with respect to interparticle interaction, which holds promise to pursue the predicted liquid and crystalline phases of excitons in two-dimensional materials.

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Sie, E. J.; Steinhoff, A.; Gies, C.; Lui, C. H.; Ma, Q.; Rösner, M.; Schönhoff, G.; Jahnke, F.; Wehling, T. O.; Lee, Y.-H.; Kong, J.; Jarillo-Herrero, P.; Gedik, N. (2017): Observation of Exciton Redshift–Blueshift Crossover

in Monolayer WS2. ACS Publications. Collection.