NWB'2023 Oral presentations

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Oral presentations from the 28th Nordic Workshop in Bibliometrics and Research Policy (NWB2023), held October 11–13, 2023. The Department of Communication and Learning in Science at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden host the workshop. 

NWB2023 has received an impressive total of 64 abstract submissions, marking the highest number in NWB's 28-year history. This remarkable turnout features 27 oral and 15 poster presentations, covering eight session themes. These themes encompass a wide array of topics, including research evaluation, patent analysis and research funding, research integration and policy citation, information retrieval and bibliometric analysis, scholarly publishing and peer review, multilingual scientific discourse and citation practices, research mobility and international collaboration, and open science, among others. There were four pre-workshops as part of the event. 

The event featured three keynote speakers. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Vincent A. Traag from Leiden University, addressed the topic 'Challenges of causality in open science’. The second keynote speaker, Professor Michael Thelwall from the University of Sheffield, discussed 'Estimating expert review quality scores for journal articles with bibliometrics and artificial intelligence’. Lastly, Professor Cassidy R. Sugimoto from the Georgia Institute of Technology, focused on 'Equity in the global science system’. 

Furthermore, there was a panel discussion on 'Responsible research assessment – with or without the Nordic bibliometric indicator’. The panel consists of experts in research assessment and bibliometrics from five Nordic countries.


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