Multilevel Quadrature Amplitude Multiplexing using coherently coupled Orbital Angular Momentum modes

Posted on 2018-04-26 - 21:52
Information can be encoded onto transverse spatial light modes, providing a platform that can improve the spectral efficiency of a communications link. Switching speed between these spatial modes and detection methods limit the information capacity of such links. This work demonstrates high speed capabilities of such a link. Transverse modes are created and switched at high rates by coherently coupling twisted light modes using passive optical elements in line with electro-optical modulators. Here we demonstrate the encoding and detection of two coherently coupled modes encoded with 0.5 Gbaud quadrature amplitude modulated (16- and 32-QAM) signals, for a 4X and 5X increase in spectral efficiency by exploiting both phase and amplitude of the coherently coupled modes. The receiver is able to successfully recover the signal with error rates below the forward error correction limit using passive optical techniques. The data rate of the system used is only limited by hardware, but similar devices are available that are capable of multi-Gigahertz operation.


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