Millisecond cellular labelling in situ with two-photon photoconversion

Published on 2018-06-11T15:49:55Z (GMT) by
Abstract: In situ labeling of cells within living biological tissues using photoconversion has provided valuable information on cellular physiology in their natural environments. However, current photoconvertible probes typically require seconds to minutes of light exposure, limiting their uses in rapid biological processes such as intracellular diffusion and circulating cells. Here, we report that two-photon photoconversion of cyanine-based dyes offers unprecedentedly rapid photoconversion down to millisecond timescales per cell. We demonstrate potential biological applications including measuring intracellular diffusion kinetics in a spinal nerve, labeling of rapidly flowing cells in a microfluidic channel, and photoconversion of a circulating cell in vivo.

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Kwok, Sheldon; Jo, Yongjae; Lin, HARVEY H.; Choi, Myunghwan; Yun, Seok-Hyun (2018): Millisecond cellular labelling in situ with two-photon photoconversion. The Optical Society. Collection.