Metallic Fresnel zone plate implemented on an optical fiber facet for super-variable focusing of light

Published on 2017-11-17T16:28:19Z (GMT) by
We propose and investigate a metallic Fresnel zone plate (FZP/MFZP) implemented on a silver-coated optical fiber facet for super-variable focusing of light, the focal point of which can be drastically relocated by varying the wavelength of the incident light. We numerically show that when its nominal focal length is set to 20 μm at 550 nm, its effective focal length can be tuned by ~ 13.7 μm for 300-nm change in the visible wavelength range. This tuning sensitivity is over 20 times higher than that of a conventional silica-based spherical lens. Even with such high tuning sensitivity with respect to the incident wavelength change, the effective beam radius at the focal point is preserved nearly unchanged, irrespective of the incident wavelength. Then, we fabricate the proposed device, exploiting electron- and focused-ion-beam processes, and experimentally verify its super-variable focusing functionality at typical red, green, and blue wavelengths in the visible wavelength range, which is in good agreement with the numerical prediction. Moreover, we propose a novel MFZP structure that primarily exploits the surface-plasmon-polariton-mediated, extra-ordinary transmission effect. For this we make all the openings of an MFZP, which are determined by the fundamental FZP design formula, be partitioned by multi-rings of all-sub-wavelength annular slits, so that the transmission of azimuthally polarized light is inherently prohibited, thereby leading to super-variable and selective focusing of radially polarized light. We design and fabricate a proof-of-principle structure implemented on a gold-coated fused-silica substrate, and verify its novel characteristics both numerically and experimentally, which are mutually in good agreement. We stress that both the MFZP structures proposed here will be very useful for micro-machining, optical trapping, and biomedical sensing, in particular, which invariably seek compact, high-precision, and flexible focusing schemes.

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Kim, Hyuntai; Kim, Jinseob; AN, HAECHAN; Lee, Yohan; Lee, Gun-Yeal; NA, JEONGKYUN; et al. (2017): Metallic Fresnel zone plate implemented on an optical fiber facet for super-variable focusing of light. The Optical Society. Collection.