In vivo gene expression in a Staphylococcus aureus prosthetic joint infection characterized by RNA sequencing and metabolomics: a pilot study

Posted on 2016-05-05 - 05:00
Abstract Background Staphylococcus aureus gene expression has been sparsely studied in deep-sited infections in humans. Here, we characterized the staphylococcal transcriptome in vivo and the joint fluid metabolome in a prosthetic joint infection with an acute presentation using deep RNA sequencing and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, respectively. We compared our findings with the genome, transcriptome and metabolome of the S. aureus joint fluid isolate grown in vitro. Result From the transcriptome analysis we found increased expression of siderophore synthesis genes and multiple known virulence genes. The regulatory pattern of catabolic pathway genes indicated that the bacterial infection was sustained on amino acids, glycans and nucleosides. Upregulation of fermentation genes and the presence of ethanol in joint fluid indicated severe oxygen limitation in vivo. Conclusion This single case study highlights the capacity of combined transcriptome and metabolome analyses for elucidating the pathogenesis of prosthetic infections of major clinical importance.


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