High resolution images of <i>Orthrozanclus elongata</i>

Published on 2017-11-14T11:02:46Z (GMT) by Martin Smith
High resolution digital images of the holotype (NIGPAS164892) and paratype (NIGPAS164893) of <i>Orthrozanclus elongata </i>Zhao et Smith.<div><br></div><div>Images are organized by specimen (part / counterpart) and scale (entire specimen / detail). Scale bars are provided in the accompanying manuscript (see References).</div><div><br></div><div>Research was supported by the National Basic Research Programme of China (2013CB835006); the Strategic Priority Research Program (B) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDB18000000, XDB10010101); and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (41472012). <br></div>

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Fangchen, Zhao; Smith, Martin; Zongjun, Yin; Han, Zang; Maoyan, Zhu (2017): High resolution images of Orthrozanclus elongata. figshare. Collection.