Gallaudet University Documentation of ASL (GUDA)

Posted on 2020-12-16 - 20:40 authored by Julie Hochgesang
GUDA is an emerging project to digitally organize ASL video collections in a way that is accessible to the communities and scholars.

​NB: This project has also been called DAGU (Documentation of ASL at Gallaudet University) but the name has changed since the scope of the project has shifted from documentation of ASL anywhere in North America.

We are using ASL Signbank and SLAAASh protocols to make primary video data machine-readable using ELAN.

Note that this has replaced the Dropbox Showcase ( or that we used to share content. Dropbox Showcases were discontinued as of January 2021.


Hochgesang, Julie (2020): Gallaudet University Documentation of ASL (GUDA). figshare. Collection.
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