GaitRec: A large-scale ground reaction force dataset of healthy and impaired gait

Posted on 2020-04-30 - 08:51
The quantification of ground reaction forces (GRF) is a standard tool for clinicians to quantify and analyze human locomotion. Such recordings produce a vast amount of complex data and variables which are difficult to comprehend. This makes data interpretation challenging. Machine learning approaches seem to be promising tools to support clinicians in identifying and categorizing specific gait patterns. However, the quality of such approaches strongly depends on the amount of available annotated data to train the underlying models. Therefore, we present GAITREC, a comprehensive and completely annotated large-scale dataset containing bi-lateral GRF walking trials of 2,084 patients with various musculo-skeletal impairments and data from 211 healthy controls. The gait dataset comprises data of patients after joint replacement, fractures, ligament ruptures, and related disorders at the hip, knee, ankle or calcaneus during their entire stay(s) at a rehabilitation center. The data sum up to a total of 75,732 bi-lateral walking trials and enable researchers to classify gait patterns at a large-scale as well as to analyze the entire recovery process of patients.


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