Fiber-based 920 nm femtosecond laser for two-photon microscopy

Published on 2018-10-11T13:41:01Z (GMT) by
We introduce a fiber-based laser system providing 130 fs pulses with 3.5 nJ energy at 920 nm at a 43 MHz repetition rate and illustrate the potential of the source for two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy of living mouse brain. The laser source is based on frequency-doubling high-energy solitons generated and frequency-shifted to 1840 nm in large mode area fibers. This simple laser system could unleash the potential of two-photon microscopy techniques in the biology laboratory where green fluorescent proteins with emission spectrum peaking around 920 nm are used in routine.

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Hage, Charles-Henri; Gomes, Jean-Thomas; Bardet, Sylvia; Granger, Geoffroy; Jossent, Mathieu; Lavoute, Laure; et al. (2018): Fiber-based 920 nm femtosecond laser for two-photon microscopy. The Optical Society. Collection.