Dynamic control of transverse magnetization spot arrays

Published on 2018-06-15T19:55:23Z (GMT) by
We propose a feasible strategy for firstly constructing diffraction-limted light-induced magnetization spot arrays capable of dynamically controlling over transverse polarization orientation of each spot. To achieve this goal, we subtly design a tailored incident light comprised of two sorts of beams and sufficiently demonstrate to produce it through phase modulation of a radially polarized beam. Via tightly focusing counter-propagating composite illuminating beams in 4π optical microscopic configuration, two orthogonally polarized focal fields with π/2 phase difference between them are formed, inducing a three-dimensional (3D) super-resolved transverse magnetization spot in the magnetic–optical (MO) film. Exploiting the ideal of the multi-zone plate (MZP) filter, we further achieve versatile magnetization spot arrays with controllable horizontal polarization direction in each spot. Such well-defined magnetization behavior is attributed to not merely the coherent interference of vectorial optical waves, but also nonoverlapping superposition of localized focal fields. Our achievable outcomes pave the way for practical applications in spintronics and multi-value MO parallelized storage.

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Yan, Weichao; nie, zhongquan; liu, Xiaofei; Lan, Guoqiang; Zhang, Xueru; Wang, Yuxiao; et al. (2018): Dynamic control of transverse magnetization spot arrays. The Optical Society. Collection.