Demo dataset for fetal whole-heart 4D reconstruction using real-time non-coplanar MRI stacks

Posted on 01.06.2020 - 09:24 authored by Tom Roberts

Cardiac MRI of the fetal heart is becoming increasingly important as an adjunct to ultrasound, particularly in complex congenital heart disease cases. We are developing a suite of MRI tools for in utero 4D imaging of the fetal heart and great vessels. These include:

Structural imaging with 3D MRI:
Structural and functional imaging with 4D magnitude MRI:
Blood flow imaging with 4D velocity MRI:


This project contains a demo dataset for whole-heart fetal 4D magnitude and velocity cine reconstruction. The tutorial begins with 5 stacks of real-time multi-planar 2D MRI data. The data is reconstructed into whole-heart 4D magnitude and velocity cine volumes. contains two folders:
- tutorial data --- data required for reconstruction.
- expected_output --- example data output at various stages of the reconstruction process (note: the full reconstruction outputs many more files than just these)

The demo requires installation of the fetal_cmr_4d package available here:

To run the demo:
1) Download and unzip (warning: >2GB)
2) Install the fetal_cmr_4d git repo. Full instructions provided on the git repo.
3) Proceed step-by-step using the included .m file: fetal_cmr_4d_recon.m



Roberts, Tom (2019): Demo dataset for fetal whole-heart 4D reconstruction using real-time non-coplanar MRI stacks. figshare. Collection.
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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [grant no. EP/H046410/1]; Medical Research Council Strategic Fund [grant no. MR/K0006355/1]; Wellcome Trust [award no. 102431]; National Institute of Health Research [Biomedical Research Centre]


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