Deep-STORM: Super resolution single molecule microscopy by deep learning

Published on 2018-04-11T13:25:23Z (GMT) by
We present an ultra-fast, precise, parameter-free method, which we term Deep-STORM, for obtaining super-resolution images from stochastically-blinking emitters, such as fluorescent molecules used for localization microscopy. Deep-STORM uses a deep convolutional neural network that can be trained on simulated data or experimental measurements, both of which are demonstrated. The method achieves state-of-the-art resolution under challenging signal-to-noise conditions and high emitter densities, and is significantly faster than existing approaches. Additionally, no prior information on the shape of the underlying structure is required, making the method applicable to any blinking data-set. We validate our approach by super-resolution image reconstruction of simulated and experimentally obtained data.

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Nehme, Elias; Weiss, Lucien; Michaeli, Tomer; Shechtman, Yoav (2018): Deep-STORM: Super resolution single molecule microscopy by deep learning. The Optical Society. Collection.