Channeled spatio-temporal Stokes polarimeters

Published on 2018-06-01T20:27:21Z (GMT) by
We present the analysis and design of spatio-temporal channeled Stokes polarimeters. We extend our recent work on optimal pixelated polarizer arrays by utilizing temporal carrier generation, resulting in polarimeters which achieve super-resolution via the tradeoff between spatial bandwidth and temporal bandwidth. Utilizing the channel space description, we present a linear Stokes and two full-Stokes imaging polarimeter designs which have the potential to operate at the full frame rate of the imaging sensor of the system by using a hybrid spatio-temporal carrier design. If the objects are not spatially bandlimited, then the achievable temporal bandwidth is more difficult to analyze, however a spatio-temporal tradeoff still exists.

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Vaughn, Israel; Alenin, Andrey; Scott Tyo, J. (2018): Channeled spatio-temporal Stokes polarimeters. The Optical Society. Collection.