Cascade Radical Reaction of <i>N</i>‑Sulfonyl-2-allylanilines with [60]Fullerene: Synthesis and Functionalization of (2-Indolinyl)­methylated Hydrofullerenes

Published on 2017-09-14T15:19:05Z (GMT) by
The copper-promoted cascade radical reaction of <i>N</i>-sulfonyl-2-allylanilines with [60]­fullerene has been developed to efficiently provide novel and scarce (2-indolinyl)­methylated hydrofullerenes, featuring a broad substrate scope and excellent functional group tolerance. A plausible reaction mechanism for the formation of (2-indolinyl)­methylated hydrofullerenes is proposed on the basis of the experimental results. In addition, further transformation into other carbocyclic derivatives of [60]­fullerene as well as their applications in organic photovoltaic devices of the obtained products has also been explored.

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Jiang, Sheng-Peng; Zhang, Mengmeng; Wang, Cheng-Yu; Yang, Shangfeng; Wang, Guan-Wu (2017): Cascade Radical Reaction of N‑Sulfonyl-2-allylanilines

with [60]Fullerene: Synthesis and Functionalization of (2-Indolinyl)­methylated

Hydrofullerenes. ACS Publications. Collection.