BridgeDb Gene-to-variant mapping database archive

Published on 2020-03-06T11:28:53Z (GMT) by Friederike Ehrhart
<div><div> Database identifier mapping services are important to make database information interoperable. BridgeDb offers such a service. Available mapping for BridgeDb link 1. genes and gene products identifiers, 2. metabolite identifiers and InChI structure description, and 3. identifiers for biochemical reactions and interactions between multiple resources that use such IDs while the mappings are obtained from multiple sources. In this study we created BridgeDb mapping databases for selections of genes-to-variants (and variants-to-genes) based on the variants described in Ensembl. Moreover, we demonstrated the use of these mappings in different software tools like R, PathVisio, Cytoscape and a local installation using Docker. The variant mapping databases are now described on the <a href="">BridgeDb website</a> and are available from the<u> </u><a href="">BridgeDb mapping database repository</a> and updated according to the regular BridgeDb mapping update schedule. </div></div>

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Ehrhart, Friederike; Willighagen, Egon; Kutmon, Martina; Mélius, Jonathan; T. Evelo, Chris; L Coort, Susan; et al. (2018): BridgeDb Gene-to-variant mapping database archive. figshare. Collection.