ASL Signbank

Posted on 08.12.2020 - 21:02 by Julie Hochgesang
This Figshare Collection includes a link to the ASL Signbank itself (the website has some more information available there too) as well as some conference products that will help you understand more about the ASL Signbank and some how-to guides.

For more about the project that funded the ASL Signbank, please visit:

Link to ID gloss digests (where we share updates about what has been added, changed, deleted): ID glosses/_IDglossDigest

Note that this has replaced the Dropbox Showcase ( or that we used to share content. Dropbox Showcases were discontinued as of January 2021.


Hochgesang, Julie; Lillo-Martin, Diane; Crasborn, Onno (2020): ASL Signbank. figshare. Collection.
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Sign Language Acquisition, Annotation, Archiving and Sharing

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders


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