Social Science

Macroeconomics (incl. Monetary and Fiscal Theory)
Public Economics- Publically Provided Goods
Public Economics- Taxation and Revenue
Tourism Economics
Transport Economics
Urban and Regional Economics
Labour Economics
Applied Economics not elsewhere classified
Cross-Sectional Analysis
Econometric and Statistical Methods
Economic Models and Forecasting
Panel Data Analysis
Time-Series Analysis
Econometrics not elsewhere classified
Ecological Economics
Welfare Economics
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Theory not elsewhere classified
History of Economic Thought
Macroeconomic Theory
Mathematical Economics
Public Economics- Public Choice
Microeconomic Theory
Economics not elsewhere classified
Continuing and Community Education
Early Childhood Education (excl. Maori)
Higher Education
Primary Education (excl. Maori)
Secondary Education
Technical, Further and Workplace Education
Education systems not elsewhere classified
Agricultural Economics
Economic Development and Growth
Economic History
Economics of Education
Environment and Resource Economics
Experimental Economics
Financial Economics
Health Economics
Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation
International Economics and International Finance