Anthony Salvagno

Research Assistant (Animal physiology - biophysics; Human biophysics)

Albuquerque, NM

I started in the KochLab in 2007 as a 1st year grad student in the Physics and Astronomy department at the University of New Mexico. I was introduced to open science at that point and have evolved along with the evolution of open science itself. I'm also a graphic designer that wants to improve scientific information by making it pretty. After all, if it doesn't look good then who cares?


  • Salvagno, Anthony. IheartAnthony's Research. Open Notebook,
  • Herskowitz, Lawrence, Salvagno, Anthony, Maloney, R. Andy, Le, Linh, and Koch, Steven. Proof of principle for shotgun DNA mapping by unzipping. Available from Nature Precedings (2009)

Anthony Salvagno's public data