• Significant sparse polygenic risk scores across 813 traits in UK Biobank
  • Genetics of 35 blood and urine biomarkers in the UK Biobank
  • SNPs2ChIP: Latent Factors of ChIP-seq to infer functions of non-coding SNPs
  • Significant shared heritability underlies suicide attempt and clinically predicted probability of attempting suicide
  • Collaborative environmental DNA sampling from petal surfaces of flowering cherry Cerasus × yedoensis ‘Somei-yoshino’ across the Japanese archipelago
  • Components of genetic associations across 2,138 phenotypes in the UK Biobank highlight adipocyte biology
  • A cross-population atlas of genetic associations for 220 human phenotypes
  • Deconvoluting complex correlates of COVID-19 severity with a multi-omic pandemic tracking strategy
  • WhichTF is functionally important in your open chromatin data?
  • Single-cell dissection of the obesity-exercise axis in adipose-muscle tissues implies a critical role for mesenchymal stem cells
  • Fast numerical optimization for genome sequencing data in population biobanks
  • Large-scale multivariate sparse regression with applications to UK Biobank
  • Integration of rare expression outlier-associated variants improves polygenic risk prediction
  • APOC3 genetic variation, serum triglycerides, and risk of coronary artery disease in Asian Indians, Europeans, and other ethnic groups
  • Bayesian model comparison for rare-variant association studies
  • Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19
  • Fast Lasso method for large-scale and ultrahigh-dimensional Cox model with applications to UK Biobank
  • Assessing Digital Phenotyping to Enhance Genetic Studies of Human Diseases
  • 複数の表現型を用いた人類遺伝統計学の大規模情報解析
  • Medical relevance of protein-truncating variants across 337,205 individuals in the UK Biobank study
  • Global Biobank Engine: enabling genotype-phenotype browsing for biobank summary statistics
  • Reported CCR5-∆32 deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is explained by poor genotyping of rs62625034
  • Medical relevance of common protein-altering variants in GPCR genes across 337,205 individuals in the UK Biobank
  • Rare protein-altering variants in ANGPTL7 lower intraocular pressure and protect against glaucoma
  • Pervasive additive and non-additive effects within the HLA region contribute to disease risk in the UK Biobank
  • High-throughput SARS-CoV-2 and host genome sequencing from single nasopharyngeal swabs
  • LPA and APOE are associated with statin selection in the UK Biobank
  • Sex-specific genetic effects across biomarkers
  • A fast and scalable framework for large-scale and ultrahigh-dimensional sparse regression with application to the UK Biobank
  • Polygenic risk modeling with latent trait-related genetic components
  • Survival analysis on rare events using group-regularized multi-response Cox regression
  • Bayesian mixture model for clustering rare-variant effects in human genetic studies
  • Author Correction: Genetics of 35 blood and urine biomarkers in the UK Biobank
  • A second update on mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19
  • Human microglial state dynamics in Alzheimer’s disease progression
  • Power of inclusion: Enhancing polygenic prediction with admixed individuals

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