Waeibrorheem Waemustafa

Visiting Senior Lecturer (Financial Economics)

Sintok, Malaysia

Dr. Waeibrorheem Waemustafa has his Master of Business Administration MBA and Doctorate holder from Universiti Utara Malaysia UUM in the area of Islamic banking, credit risk and Gharar or uncertainty. He has his industrial experience in tourism business and entrepreneurship in related field. Graduated from Aligarh Muslim University AMU (India) his deep thoughts and steadily acquired filed knowledge made him to contribute as the main author of several manuscripts. Currently, Dr. Waeibrorheem Waemustafa is a visiting senior lecturer in School of Economics, Finance and Banking. As a researcher, He is an active in researches, writer and consultant in the field of conventional and Islamic banking credit risk, merger and acquisitions, capital structure, financial leverage, debt structure and entrepreneurship. Academically, he received his PhD in Islamic and conventional banking.

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Azrul Abdullah

Senior Lecturer - Arau Perlis, Malaysia

Azrul Abdullah

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