Tom Gleeson

Associate Professor (Engineering)

Victoria, BC

I am a hydrogeologist interested in groundwater sustainability, regional- to continental-scale groundwater systems, groundwater-surface water interactions and fluid flow around geologic structures. I address these varied research interests by integrating disciplines that are not often combined: field methods, numerical modeling, environmental chemistry, structural geology, GIS and policy studies. I love new ideas and experiences, food and yoga, and helping people and the world. I grew up building forts in Ontario, moved west to climb mountains, study geology and work as a consulting hydrogeologist, and zigzagged across Canada for a doctorate at Queen’s, postdoc at UBC, and first faculty position at McGill. I am thrilled to be part of the new Civil program at UVic and living in Victoria.

Co-workers & collaborators

Mark Cuthbert

Groundwater scientist - Cardiff, UK

Kevin Befus

Jens Hartmann

Andreas Hartmann

Antonio Santo

Dawn Paszkowski

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