Tina Morrison

Director, Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation (Mechanical engineering not elsewhere classified)

Silver Spring, MD

Tina Morrison is currently the Director of the Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation in the Office of the Chief Scientist at the FDA. See LinkedIn profile for more info.


  • Morrison, T.M., Meyer, C.A., Fillinger, M.F., et al., ‘Eligibility for endovascular repair of short neck abdominal aortic aneurysms’, submitted for publication in J of Vasc Surg 2014
  • Morrison, T.M., Fillinger, M.F., Fairman, R., Yan, X., et al., ‘Gender differences in AAA anatomy and gender disparities in treatment options’, submitted for publication in J of Vasc Surg 2014
  • Ansari, F., Pack, L.K., Brooks, S.B., and Morrison, T.M.*, ‘Design considerations for studies of the biomechanical environment of the femoropopliteal arteries’, J of Vasc Surg 58(3):804-13, 2013
  • Sweet, M.P, Fillinger, M.F., Morrison, T.M., and Abel, D.B., ‘The influence of gender and aortic aneurysm size on eligibility for endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair’, J of Vasc Surg 54(4): 931-937, 2011
  • Erdemir, A., Guess, T.M., Halloran, J., Tadepalli, S.C., and Morrison, T.M., ‘Considerations for reporting finite element analysis studies in biomechanics’ J of Biomechanics 23;45(4):625-33, 2012
  • Morrison, T. M., Choi, G., Zarins, C. K., and Taylor, C.A., “Circumferential and longitudinal cyclic strain of the human thoracic aorta: Age-related changes”, J of Vasc Surg 49(4): 1029-1036, 2009

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