Timothy Fulton

PhD Student
Cambridge, UK


  • Trivedi, V.#, Fulton, T.#, Attardi, A.#, Anlas, K., Dingare, C., Martinez-Arias, A., and Steventon, B. (2019). Self-organised symmetry breaking in zebrafish reveals feedback from morphogenesis to pattern formation. BioRxiv 769257.
  • Fulton, T., Lenz, M.O., Muresan, L., Lancaster, C., Horton, E., and Steventon, B. (2018). Long-term in toto cell tracking using lightsheet microscopy of the zebrafish tailbud. Wellcome Open Res. 3, 163.
  • Caine, R.S., Yin, X., Sloan, J., Harrison, E.L., Mohammed, U., Fulton, T., Biswal, A.K., Dionora, J., Chater, C.C., Coe, R.A., et al. (2018). Rice with reduced stomatal density conserves water and has improved drought tolerance under future climate conditions. New Phytol.
  • Attardi, A.#, Fulton, T.#, Florescu, M., Shah, G., Muresan, L., Lenz, M.O., Lancaster, C., Huisken, J., van Oudenaarden, A., and Steventon, B. (2018). Neuromesodermal progenitors are a conserved source of spinal cord with divergent growth dynamics. Development dev.166728.