Steven Chang

Senior Research Advisor (Library) (Library and Information Studies)

Melbourne, Australia

I'm interested in systematic reviews, research impact, health librarianship, scholarly publishing, and open access. I am the current editor of the Australian health librarian journal, Health Inform.


  • Kenely, M., Potter, B., West, B., Cobbin, P., & Chang, S. (2016). Digitizing Archival Records: Benefits and Challenges for a Large Professional Accounting Association. Archivaria, 82, 75-100.
  • Chang, S. (2015). The transformation of evidence synthesis-bringing people and technology together. Health Inform, 24(2), 26.
  • Chang, S. (2015). Visualising e-journals on the go: A review of BrowZine. Health Inform, 24(1), 19.
  • Chang, S. (2016). 'Don't be afraid to experiment': The future of systems librarians in health libraries-an interview with Duncan Pilcher. Health Inform, 25(1), 18.

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