Pirouz Nourian

Assistant Professor of Design Informatics (Built Environment and Design; Engineering; Mathematics; Information and Computing Sciences; Social Science)

Delft, The Netherlands

Pirouz Nourian is an assistant professor of design informatics with expertise and interest in computational generative design, specifically by means of mathematical modelling, geometrical, topological, or graph-theoretical computing (also known as computational geometry, computational topology, and computational graph-theory). He has developed several computational tool-suites, most well-known among which are Space Syntax and Cheetah for Grasshopper 3D. Pirouz teaches mathematics and programming (Algorithms, Data Models, C#, Python) within MSc Architecture, MSc Building Technology and MSc Geomatics programs. He has a PhD in Design Informatics, an MSc in Architecture, and a BSc in Electrical Engineering with a major in Control Engineering. He is an architect with three years professional experience, a carpenter, and a research software engineer.


  • https://pure.tudelft.nl/portal/en/persons/p-nourian(27a19313-ea55-4d1b-b9a2-20a123a9d91b)/publications.html

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Nan Bai

PhD Candidate - Delft, the Netherlands

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