Paul A Hoskisson

Professor of Molecular Microbiology (Microbiology not elsewhere classified)

Glasgow, UK

Hoskisson lab Website: Research in my group is focussed on the evolution of metabolism and biosynthesis of specialised metabolites. The bacterial genus Streptomyces is the main focus of work in my Research Group due to its industrial importance, being responsible for producing around two thirds of all commercially important antibiotics as well as numerous anti-fungal, anti-helminthic and anti-cancer drugs. We also work on the bacterial pathogen ​Corynebacterium diphtheriae the causative agent of diphtheria, trying to understand genome dynamics and how this contributes to pathogenicity. We also have an interest in the genomics of actinobacteria and the exploitation of amphibian proteins for biotechnology. ​We use a range of techniques to study the biology of actinobacteria including molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, genomics, microscopy, physiology, advanced spectroscopy, mathematical modeling and bioinformatics.

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