Paola D'Orazio

Economics; Education



  • Towards a Multi-avatar Macroeconomic System
  • Beyond the Oxymoron: Economics as a Social Science?
  • Towards a Knowledge-Driven Application Supporting Entrepreneurs Decision-Making in an Uncertain Environment
  • From Micro Behaviors to Macro Dynamics: An Agent-Based Economic Model with Consumer Credit
  • The educational relevance of experimental economics: a web application for learning entrepreneurship at high schools, universities and workplaces
  • Big data and complexity: Is macroeconomics heading toward a new paradigm?
  • Households Debt Behavior and Financial Instability: Towards an Agent-Based Model with Experimentally Estimated Behavioral Rules
  • Endogenous Innovation
  • Do Financial Constraints Hamper Environmental Innovation Diffusion? An Agent-Based Approach
  • Fostering green investments and tackling climate-related financial risks: Which role for macroprudential policies?
  • Learning to Be an Entrepreneur: Evidence from a Technology Enhanced Learning Tool
  • Building Artificial Economies: From Aggregate Data to Experimental Microstructure. A Methodological Survey
  • Dataset on green macroprudential regulations and instruments: Objectives, implementation and geographical diffusion
  • Income inequality, consumer debt, and prudential regulation: An agent-based approach to study the emergence of crises and financial instability
  • The role of finance in environmental innovation diffusion: An evolutionary modeling approach
  • Avatar-based macroeconomics: Experimental insights into artificial agents behavior
  • Mobilising investments in renewable energy in Germany: which role for public investment banks?
  • Exploring the effects of climate-related financial policies on carbon emissions in G20 countries: a panel quantile regression approach
  • Mapping the emergence and diffusion of climate-related financial policies: Evidence from a cluster analysis on G20 countries
  • Towards a post-pandemic policy framework to manage climate-related financial risks and resilience
  • Realising Central Banks’ Climate Ambitions Through Financial Stability Mandates
  • The Empirical Microstructure of Agent-Based Models: Recent Trends in the Interplay between ACE and Experimental Economics
  • Exploring the Effects of Climate-related Financial Policies on Carbon Emissions in G20 Countries: A Panel Quantile Regression Approach
  • Do monetary policy mandates and financial stability governance structures matter for the adoption of climate-related financial policies?
  • Climate change and macro-financial risks: financial policy responses for an orderly low-carbon transition
  • The Politics of Climate Finance and Policy Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Finance and Address ESG Issues
  • The Role of Bank Regulators in the Promotion of Green and Climate Finance
  • Charting the complexities of a post-COVID energy transition: emerging research frontiers for a sustainable future

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