Oded Kariti is an American born scientist and independent researcher. His portfolio includes projects that cover researches in the field of electrical engineering but also incorporate some global modern trends closely related to informational technology. He is author of many world-known scientific research documents, has been cited by scholars and is honorable educator and visiting professor at several universities. His rich career and work include many research projects. Born in Ohio on July 15, 1975, shortly after finishing the elementary school, Kariti and his family moved to New York where his father worked as a teacher. From New York moved to Detroit where he enrolled at the The College for Creative Studies (CCS) following his dream of having a successful career.


  • But soon discovered that fine arts is not appealing much to him so instead switched to studding Mathematics and Physics.
  • Oded Kariti received his Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University. After this he received an invitation to work as an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • At this institution Kariti spent more than 10 years, working closely with very fruitful researchers and professors, before moving his research work to the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology at New York Queens University.
  • Since then, Oded Kariti, together with his colleagues and fellow scientists and public intellectuals, participated in many scientific discussions and public presentations. As a result of his work, Kariti has written and published over 50 articles that are included in prestige journals and magazines.

Oded Kariti's public data