Nobuko Miyairi

Scholarly Communications Consultant/Analyst (Library and Information Studies)

Tokyo, Japan

Nobuko Miyairi is a freelance consultant/analyst, based in Tokyo, Japan. She provides strategic consulting for new business development and start-up in STM publishing and scholarly communications. Her service caters to a wide range of needs from academic societies, research institutions, publishers and solution vendors. Nobuko advises Paper Digest (, an AI-based article summarization service which was awarded the Catalyst Grant by Digital Science in 2018; People’s Choice Award at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) 41st Annual Meeting. Previously Nobuko held positions at ORCID as Regional Director, Asia Pacific; Nature Publishing Group (now Springer Nature) as Head of Custom Publishing & Solutions, East Asia; Thomson Reuters (now Clarivate Analytics) as Principal Consultant, Business Development, East/South/Southeast Asia. A librarian by training, Nobuko earned an MLIS from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Submitting data during Open Access Week 2016Open in action


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  • Global Research Report - Japan
  • Regional Citation Indexes: A Global Research Priority
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  • Citation analysis: trends of scholarly journals in agricultural sciences and related fields.
  • 動向レビュー:オープンアクセスのインパクト分析
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  • インパクトファクター偏重からの脱却

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