Neil Dickson

Research Infrastructure Manager, Monash University Library (Library studies)

Melbourne, Australia

Since November 2014 I have worked in the University Library in a data management role. I work with post graduate students and staff to explain and help them to better manage and publish their research data and files. I work closely with key infrastructure teams in Monash including Office of the Vice Provost Research, Research Office, Monash eResearch Centre (MERC), Monash eSolutions and peak researchers in all faculties. I participate in the formation and creation of strategic plans relating to managing research data using evolving techniques and solutions compatible with the needs of researchers, funders and the university. I completed my masters at Strathclyde University and previously worked in STEM journals publishing in the UK and Australia. I have previously consulted with major universities in NSW and Victoria to help them improve their capabilities and knowledge of managing their data through applied knowledge coupled with appropriate training tools and solutions.



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