Melissa Ratajeski


  • Grey literature searching for health sciences systematic reviews: A prospective study of time spent and resources utilized
  • Development of a Web-Based Repository for Sharing Biomedical Terminology From Systematic Review Searches: A Case Study
  • Communicating with faculty, staff, and students using library blogs: Results from a survey of academic health sciences libraries
  • Use of QR codes to promote e-books in medical libraries
  • Library Services for Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • Differences between the PubMed record and full-text methods section in in-vivo animal research articles
  • Data Management Practices of Health Sciences Researchers
  • Library Support for Data Management Plans
  • Marketing with Social Media: A LITA Guide
  • Leaving the Lecture Behind: Putting PubMed Instruction into the Hands of the Students
  • Data Curation through Catalogs: A Repository-Independent Model for Data Discovery
  • Ten simple rules for improving research data discovery
  • Adapting to Changes in Publishing When Searching for Alternatives and Reporting on Animal Research: A Librarian’s Perspective
  • Librarians and the IACUC: Practical approaches for performing alternatives searches and providing support
  • Grey Literature Searching for Health Sciences Systematic Reviews: A Prospective Study of Time Spent and Resources Utilized.
  • Leveraging the DMPTool for Data Management and Sharing Plan Creation and Review

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