Mathis Messager


  • Freshwater Lakes and Reservoirs
  • Tracking the pulse of the Earth’s fresh waters
  • Individual-based models forecast the spread and inform the management of an emerging riverine invader
  • Phenotypic variability of rusty crayfish ( Faxonius rusticus ) at the leading edge of its riverine invasion
  • Estimating the volume and age of water stored in global lakes using a geo-statistical approach
  • Safeguarding migratory fish via strategic planning of future small hydropower in Brazil
  • Fenced off: Measuring growing restrictions on resource access for smallholders in the Argentine Chaco
  • Development and validation of in-situ and laboratory X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy methods for moss biomonitoring of metal pollution
  • Low-cost biomonitoring and high-resolution, scalable models of urban metal pollution
  • Fine-scale assessment of inequities in inland flood vulnerability
  • Global prevalence of non-perennial rivers and streams
  • Hydrologic classification of Tanzanian rivers to support national water resource policy
  • Causes, Responses, and Implications of Anthropogenic versus Natural Flow Intermittence in River Networks
  • Global hydro-environmental lake characteristics at high spatial resolution
  • Course‐based undergraduate research to advance environmental education, science, and resource management
  • Drought in intermittent river and ephemeral stream networks
  • A metasystem approach to designing environmental flows
  • The future of global river health monitoring
  • Streamflow intermittence in Europe: Estimating high-resolution monthly time series by downscaling of simulated runoff and Random Forest modeling
  • Limited comparability of global and local estimates of environmental flow requirements to sustain river ecosystems

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