Mary Richards

Division Lead Transdisciplinary Studies in Global Change


  • The ESKE Project : a South-North educational and knowledge exchange framework to enhance food security and livelihoods
  • Crossing Borders and Shifting the Boundary Stones : working over distance, across cultures, between disciplines (and other edges), to address questions of food security.
  • Cross-cutting principles for planetary health education
  • Navigating the complex dynamics of 'reciprocal' and sustainable knowledge exchange: communities, students, researchers
  • Evaluating Student Knowledge Exchange Across Borders
  • This Progressive Production: Agency, durability and keeping it contemporary
  • 1st Planetary Health Symposium, Brunel University London, 6th June 2017 (presentations)
  • Building Bridges, Creating Impact
  • Martyrs and Martyrdom
  • Specular suffering
  • The Orchestrated Crowd: choreography, chorus, conceit in Tino Sehgal's These Associations
  • Specular Suffering: (Staging) the Bleeding Body
  • Sewing and Sealing: Speaking Silence
  • Marina Abramovic
  • Resisting the Limits of the Performing Body
  • Breaching boundaries: reflections on the journey towards a transdisciplinary arts and sciences undergraduate degree programme to address global challenges

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