Computer Scientist in the intersection of databases and artificial intelligence. Some of my most recent research works can be found at:


  • Jorge Martínez Gil, José M. Chaves-González: Automatic design of semantic similarity controllers based on fuzzy logics. Expert Syst. Appl. 131: 45-59 (2019)
  • Johannes Himmelbauer, Jorge Martínez Gil, Michael Ksen, Katharina Linner, Sieglinde Plakolm: Towards a Data-Driven Approach for Fraud Detection in the Social Insurance Field: A Case Study in Upper Austria. EGOVIS 2019: 70-84
  • Jorge Martinez-Gil, Bernhard Freudenthaler, A Min Tjoa: Multiple Choice Question Answering in the Legal Domain Using Reinforced Co-occurrence. DEXA (1) 2019: 138-148

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