Margarita Shtremel


  • Spectral Structure Of Breaking Waves And Its Influence On The Transport Of Sediments In Coastal Zone
  • Scenarios of nonlinear wave transformation in the coastal zone
  • Deformation of coastal profile during different storm phases
  • Parameterization of evolution of biphase during nonlinear transformation of waves in coastal zone
  • Variability of the Nearshore Wave Climate in the Eastern Part of the Black Sea
  • Frequency downshifting in wave spectra in coastal zone and its influence on mudbank formation
  • Dynamics of underwater bar of sandy coast under the influence of wave action according to the monitoring observations
  • On the possibility of biphase parametrization for wave transformation in the coastal zone
  • The Method for Evaluating Cross-Shore Migration of Sand Bar under the Influence of Nonlinear Waves Transformation
  • The Black Sea coastline erosion: Index-based sensitivity assessment and management-related issues
  • Coastal dynamics in the Narva Bay of the Baltic Sea: Present-day state and development tendencies

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