Jonathan Breeze

Managing Director - Research Workflows, Digital Science (Software engineering not elsewhere classified)


Jonathan is a Managing Director at Digital Science, with commercial and operational responsibility for two of Digital Science’s flagship brands: Figshare and Symplectic. Jonathan has a system design and analysis background and extensive experience working within and for research-performing organisations in the delivery of software solutions and services that support research administration workflows. In 2023, Jonathan led the formation of the Research Workflow Hub at Digital Science which is comprised of former portfolio companies acquired by Digital Science. As Managing Director, Jonathan is accountable for the Research Workflow Hub's business performance, leads the Hub's Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and maintains oversight of staff performance, team cohesion, and the tracking and reporting of business goals. As a product and market expert, Jonathan is frequently required to support the commercial activities of Figshare and Symplectic on behalf of Digital Science.

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