J. Waagen


  • Scratching the Surface: Integrating Low-Visibility Zones and Large Rural Sites in Landscape Archaeology Using Point Sampling
  • In the Heat of the Night: Comparative Assessment of Drone Thermography at the Archaeological Sites of Acquarossa, Italy, and Siegerswoude, The Netherlands
  • A virtual place of memory: Virtual reality as a method for communicating conflicted heritage at Camp Westerbork
  • Understanding Archaeological Site Topography: 3D Archaeology of Archaeology
  • Casestudy Siegerswoude-Middenwei
  • Making 4D: principles and standards for virtual reconstruction in the humanities by the 4D Research Lab
  • Breakage, bias and the archaeological surface record: Assessing the quantification problem in archaeological field survey
  • Op zoek naar lijnen
  • The New Perspectives on Ancient Pottery Project
  • Santuari, villaggi, centri fortificati e prima urbanizzazione tra sanniti e romani
  • Settlement Distribution in Samnium: the Tappino Valley Survey project (2004-2015, Molise, CB)
  • Halos
  • 3DWorkSpace - an open science/interactive tool for 3D datasets
  • Vanuit de lucht zie je meer
  • In search of a castle
  • Het verdwenen kasteel van Weesp
  • Myopic Misunderstandings?
  • Drone remote sensing over a late Iron Age/Roman period landscape in Lionserpolder, Friesland
  • Survey, ceramics and statistics: The potential for technological traits as chronological markers
  • New technology and archaeological practice. Improving the primary archaeological recording process in excavation by means of UAS photogrammetry
  • Photogrammetry and painted outdoor sculpture
  • Using Photogrammetry in Outdoor Sculpture Conservation
  • Droogte maakt begraven landschap zichtbaar
  • De 3D-reconstructie van Vlooienburg: hoe wordt een buurt gereconstrueerd
  • Augmented Blended Learning
  • OpenArchaeoSurvey, or ‘Being Educated by the Digital Fieldwork Assistant’
  • Zakynthos Archaeology Project
  • Westerbork Viewer
  • Appendix I: Digital modeling and data processing
  • Excavations at I Castiedd’ di San Pancrazio Salentino, Southern Italy
  • Het grafritueel in Muro Tenente. Een analyse van sociale structuur
  • La necropoli arcaica de L’Amastuola
  • From the sorting table to the web: The NPAP research data portal for ceramics
  • De Survey Archaeology website
  • Blending the Material and the Digital: A Project at the Intersection of Museum Interpretation, Academic Research, and Experimental Archaeology
  • Le sepolture di Muro Tenente 1993-2002
  • Le sepolture di Muro Tenente: alcune rifflesioni ed interpretazioni
  • LiDAR for Italian archaeology. High-resolution elevation data to enrich our understanding of the defensive circuits of a protohistoric site in Southern Italy
  • Evaluating background noise: Assessing off-site data from field surveys around the Italic sanctuary of S. Giovanni in Galdo, Molise, Italy
  • The Site Information System
  • Het OpenArchaeoSurvey project
  • [Review of: J.C. Carter, A. Prieto (2011) The Chora of Metaponto 3: Archaeological Field Survey - Bradano to Basento (4 vols.).]
  • The use of photogrammetry in the conservation of painted outdoor sculpture
  • Halos
  • Built environment in Satricum

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