Hannah Spitzer


  • Feasibility of deep learning for automatic parcellation of cortical regions in histological sections
  • Person Attribute Recognition with a Jointly-Trained Holistic CNN Model
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for cytoarchitectonic brain mapping at large scale
  • Deep learning networks reflect cytoarchitectonic features used in brain mapping
  • BigBrain 3D atlas of cortical layers: Cortical and laminar thickness gradients diverge in sensory and motor cortices
  • Improving cytoarchitectonic segmentation of human brain areas with self-supervised siamese networks
  • Parcellation of visual cortex on high-resolution histological brain sections using convolutional neural networks
  • IO Challenges for Human Brain Atlasing Using Deep Learning Methods - An In-Depth Analysis
  • Squidpy: a scalable framework for spatial omics analysis

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