I did my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, NL. I used to research sound-symbolism, or why some things sound like the things they mean and how that affects other things. You can find my thesis right here on figshare. I'm now doing data visualisation in industry, because I wanted to spend less time cleaning gel off electrodes and more time messing about with graphs. It's pretty fun, and I'd recommend it - hit me up if you'd like to chat about it. I tweet as @GwilymLockwood, and I blog about data visualisation and stats at


  • Lockwood, G. & Dingemanse, M. (2015). Iconicity in the lab: a review of behavioral, developmental, and neuroimaging research into sound-symbolism. Language Sciences, 1246.
  • Lockwood, G. & Tuomainen, J. (2015). Ideophones in Japanese modulate the P2 and late positive complex responses. Language Sciences, 933.

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