Debbi Pedreschi


  • MISSION ATLANTIC. Review of available data and gaps for regional case studies.
  • North Western Waters Atlas 3rd Edition.
  • Behavioural economics in fisheries: A systematic review protocol
  • Technical and tactical measures to reduce unwanted catches in mixed fisheries: Do the opinions of Irish fishers align with management advice?
  • Combining fisheries surveys to inform marine species distribution modelling
  • Interim Report of the Working Group on Ecosystem Assessment of Western European Shelf Seas. ICES WGEAWESS REPORT 2017
  • Ecomorphology of pike in Irish Freshwaters. Layman's Report.
  • The diet of pike in Irish Freshwaters. Layman's Report.
  • Genetic structure of pike (Esox lucius) and their history in Ireland. Layman's Report.
  • Final Report of the Working Group on Ecosystem Assessment of Western European shelf Seas (WGEAWESS)
  • Working Group on Ecosystem Assessment of Western European Shelf Seas (WGEAWESS)
  • Workshop on the design and scope of the 3rd generation of ICES Ecosystem Overviews (WKEO3)
  • Working Group on Maritime Systems (WGMARS)
  • Working Group on Maritime Systems (WGMARS)
  • Workshop on an Ecosystem Based Approach to Fishery Management for the Irish Sea
  • Workshop on Challenges, Opportunities, Needs and Successes for Including Human Dimensions in Integrated Ecosystem Assesments (WKCONSERVE))
  • Workshop on EU regulatory area options for VME protection
  • Reflecting on the importance of open communication and social capital for the co-creation of knowledge in Irish fisheries
  • Workshop on methods and guidelines to link human activities, pressures and state of the ecosystem in Ecosystem Overviews (WKTRANSPARENT)
  • Innovation through consultation: Stakeholder perceptions of a novel fisheries management system reveal flexible approach to solving fisheries challenges
  • Working Group on Social Indicators (WGSOCIAL)
  • Combining Ecosystem and Single-Species Modeling to Provide Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Advice Within Current Management Systems
  • Workshop on Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (WKSHOES)
  • A policy-based framework for the determination of management options to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems under the EU deep-sea access regulations
  • Joint ICES EUROMARINE Workshop on Common Conceptual Mapping Methodologies (WKCCMM; Outputs from 2021 meeting)
  • Refining Fisheries Advice With Stock-Specific Ecosystem Information
  • Trophic flexibility and opportunism in pike Esox lucius.
  • Genetic structure of pike (Esox lucius) reveals a complex and previously unrecognized colonization history of Ireland
  • "Right" or "wrong"? Insights into the ecology of sidedness in european flounder, Platichthys flesus.
  • Towards a balanced view of pike in Ireland: a reply to Ensing
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of litter in the Celtic Sea from Groundfish Survey data: Lessons for monitoring.
  • Integrated ecosystem analysis in Irish waters; Providing the context for ecosystem-based fisheries management
  • Challenging the European southern refugium hypothesis: Species-specific structures versus general patterns of genetic diversity and differentiation among small mammals
  • Operationalising ODEMM risk assessment for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment scoping: Complexity vs. manageability

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